Who is Gingerfeet?

In early 2009, a local non-profit approached iMadNess Interactive Media, a New York based web design company, to create a dynamic web presence that reflected the vibrancy of their work in the community, offered the community avenues for increasing volunteerism, and allowed the administrators full access to managing both the site and their volunteers.

Drawn by the values and commitment of HFH and the opportunity of working with such a profoundly important social organization, iMadNess set about the task of developing an exciting web solution using wholly open source applications.

Out of this collaboration arose a question: "There are hundreds of NGOs and non-profits all over the world. Was there a way to offer the NGOs the possibility of using this technology to enhance their mission and encourage their good work at a reasonable cost?"

With that in mind, iMadness explored what they’d created: A integrated web solution that supports such non-profit needs as open source software, volunteer and contributor management, and administrative manageability. Additional features included events calendaring, online registration, newsletter distribution, photo galleries, accessibility, and attention to search engine optimization. Combined, we had before us a powerful package geared specifically towards advocacy that had the capability of growing with both the needs of the community and advancements in technology. We realized that by leveraging the package across the organization, we could make all this functionality available for each affiliate at a fraction of what it would cost to design and develop for any one individually.

Our Mission

We Are Gingerfeet LLC, a marketing solutions provider committed to the missions of the non-profit organizations with whom we partner. Social responsibility. Sustainability. Human potential. These are ideals that inspire and move us. We select worldwide organizations that are committed to these principles, partnering with them to bring about global change via local communities.
Our goal is to empower others through technology, strengthening what we see as a rising tide of visionary organizations: those who have taken a stand over the last 20 – 30 years; those that are standing up today; those, who through grassroots efforts are changing the face of the world.

We’re here to fuse what we do with what you do to make your lives easier and give you the tools you need to extend your reach into your communities, provide more housing, attract more volunteers, and ultimately fulfill your mission.

Social Responsibility Motivates Us

Sustainability Inspires Us

Human Potential Moves Us